The sedated horse with speculum rests his head on a rack.

Dr. Bivens is a licensed veterinarian who can administer sedation. Sedation helps to eliminate any anxiety the horse might have.

The horse’s head is put into a brace called a speculum. This allows the dentist complete access to the horse’s mouth.

The specialized power tools, which only a veterinarian is allowed to use, make quick work of floating.  They look a lot like the power tool section at a home improvement store, but the attachments (carbide blades, rotary instruments) are designed specifically for equine dentistry.

Dr. Bivens performs an exam.

Dr. Bivens will check your horse’s mouth for:

  • sharp molar edges
  • abscesses
  • bite misalignments
  • cracked molars
  • wolf teeth interference
  • deciduous teeth
  • gum inflammation / periodontal disease



Overview of equine dentistry by Dr. Christy Corp-Minamiji of Davis, California.


Dr. Bivens and his assistant floating the teeth of a comfortably sedated horse.