Even in states where Non-Veterinary Dental Lay Practitioners (NVDLPs) are legal, they can only use hand floats unless supervised by a veterinarian.

It is illegal for them to sedate your horse at all.  Would you have a cavity filled without benefit of anesthesia?

Now you know why they claim to be “gentle” and “don’t need sedation” to get the job done – because legally they can’t!

Furthermore, the job that does get done is a poor one at best.  The sad part of it is that the horse can’t speak for himself so it is the horse that suffers from the negligence and incompetence of the NVDLP.  The uninformed conned horse owner now believes that their horses’ teeth have been adequately cared for when just the opposite is the case.

Many NVDLPs apply principles and procedures that they think are necessary without research to support their claims.  Much of the information that the lay dentists use and apply to their practice is incorrect, and often detrimental to the health of the horse and their teeth. The NVDLPs that are good and providing adequate dental care are few and far between.

Dr. Bivens continues his quest for more information about equine dentistry, but only from sources that support their claims with scientific research.